Career Change - Should you do it?


After reaching some point in our career many of us want to make a change. We want to change our path to life and maybe, walk into a new one. We have plenty of examples where successful people change their job suddenly and start to do a completely new job from level zero. Most of them have been successful due to their continuous 'smart work' that they have learned to do in their previous job. They are confident in their decision and put all their wit, wisdom, and wealth into their new job. Eventually, their decision of changing careers becomes the right one.

At the same time, there is a group of people, like us, who are afraid to give a kick start to new unforeseen errands in a new career. We have doubts in ourselves, our own capabilities. We ask ourselves, "Will I earn as much money as I earned in my previous job? Will I succeed? Am I capable of doing it?" And pessimist we start suggesting to us, "You probably don't have the right qualifications to do it. It is almost too late to make a change." etc. And then our mind gives up but not our heart; deep inside we are still uncertain if we are doing the right thing.

Let me point out some key points with which you can decide whether or not to change your career.

Enjoyment of the job

Sometimes you want to change your career because you feel you are being underpaid. Before getting involved in a new one, roughly calculate which job you will enjoy more. Money brings you many things but not everything, including satisfaction. If you aren't enjoying your current job, kick start in some job where you have compelling enthusiasm as it generates extra motivation and focus.

Necessary skill and Talent

Where do your skills and talents most suit? It is necessary that you are good at what you are doing. Natural talents are always plus points in beginning a new project.

Accessibility and Simplicity

By accessibility, I mean you have to do a job that is easy or easily accessible. If you have a hard time managing your time to do other things only because of your job, you better give it up. Don't choose a job where you have to travel a long distance every day. Instead, do a job that you don't have to worry about long drive or complexity.

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