Are Online Jobs Safe for Your Kid?



The world is not like it used to be a decade ago. Technology has not only evolved our minds but it has also changed everything. Almost everybody uses the Internet today which is the biggest market now, a market of information, and some youngsters especially teenagers 16yr-18yr take a deep interest in online jobs. Many start to apply for millions of freelance jobs that are available on the Internet.  

Being a parent of a teenager is hard, but you have to keep an eye on them while ignoring their emotional attitude towards it. Do you know a freelance can affect your children future, let's discuss why? 

Why Your Child is at Risk on Freelancing Sites?

Many parents get happy and amazed when they see their kids earning money by sitting home rather than asking further questions, like how they are making from The Internet? Many fraudulent clients take benefit of fresh freelancers because they have less experience and once their work is done they run away. It's good that your kid will learn how to face the creative professional world but he needs to see the real physical world outside.  

Some teenagers bid on jobs that pay very good and they think a video chat can't hurt, but if you are under 18 that is forbidden by law to do any job that requires sexual content whether it is in writing form, pictures, or video clips.  

How to Make It Alright?

Tell your kid to tell you what freelance site are they using and keep an eye on their profile. No, you don't have to sneak out or see their passwords, history, etc. Look for the number of projects your kid is doing and always ask for a sample of their work, and most importantly make them aware of the dangers that they can face when they meet clients on freelancer from that came from all over the world.

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