Can You Work in Antarctica?


People often have weird job fantasies; there is enough adventure available on planet earth to satisfy their adventurous hearts. What about working on a contract in Antarctica. It is not only possible but relatively easy if you are a U.S. citizen. Antarctica is the coldest place on earth, with a total population of 4,000 in summers and 1000 winters. Living there is challenging but not impossible, especially if you are strong enough to face -50° Celsius.

One can apply for Antarctica jobs if they are willing to spend almost five months in harsh weather. Most of the jobs are for Three U.S stations operating in Antarctica: McMurdo, Palmer, and the South Pole.

Salary is always good plus the benefits offered. Companies provide Airfare to you home to stations or research vessel. The meal is provided three times a day in a cafeteria. One can have enough free time to perform recreational, educational, and physical activities. Due to bandwidth limitations, communication with family and friends is available through telephone only. Still, video chat, like FaceTime, Skype, etc., is not allowed through the Internet.

The chance of getting a job in Antarctica is high. Many people work in harsh winters, but that is very risky. If you think you are an adventure lover and like to explore and work at the loneliest and coldest part of our planet earth, then you have a chance. Just look for Antarctica U.S stations' websites and send them your resume.

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