Careers With High Demand and Low Supply


Are you looking for a career change? Do you know where to look? Today's economy has many people looking for a new career, but the job market is tough, and the best prospects are not yet seen. In this quick career change guide, we'll highlight the high-demand careers with high job responsibilities, high wages, and educational requirements.

Let's start with the occupations like teachers, accountants, dental hygienists, financial analysts, architects, and engineers. These professionals have one or two other skill sets that are highly required in their new careers. The median annual salary for this profession is above $70k. This is also a high-risk career, as these professionals have very high job turnover.

The second major area of job growth is in the nursing profession. Nursing is a popular career because nurses can earn a very high salary, which is considerably higher than what an engineer or an accountant makes. For these reasons, the nursing salary will continue to be very high - about 80k per year. There are two exceptions to this: the long-term unemployment experienced by nurses in recent years and the relatively high cost of health care for retirees, which is expected to take some strain off the nursing salary over the coming years.

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