How to Do Well On a First Job Interview?


First Impression Counts 

Never forget that you have only one opportunity to make a first impression, whether with investors, customers or with a boss. So the moment you walk in the door, your first impression counts a lot.

Punctuality and Manners 

Think of your first job interview as you go for your college or school exam because punctuality and reliability are a matter of show and think. 

  • Always make eye contact during the interview, and it’s a good idea not to cast your eyes downward. 
  • Don’t chew gum. 
  • When filling out the job application, it is wise to use your best handwriting and use complete sentences on the application. Avoid starting your sentences with ‘um’ and ‘like.’ 


Don’t Downplay Your Previous Experience 

Many teens who say they have work experience as babysitting or mowing lawns have a better chance of getting the job than those who say they have no experience. It’s wise not to downplay your previous experience, no matter how small it seems, because your hiring manager is looking for a responsible person who can do the job.

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