Socrates and Education


Socrates was a Greek philosopher and had a significant role in the foundation of Western philosophy.  

Socrates said, “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” With this, he made people pay attention to that education should be on top of everything. He favored interest and understanding instead of memorizing facts and information without thinking. 

Socrates’ metaphor, “filling of a vessel,” describes our current education and administration. Today, most teachers don’t know how to teach students. They don’t allow students to ask any question they don’t know and force them to memorize it. Memorizing the answers without knowing what the problem means and the reason is not real education. If this education method keeps going, then the next generations would not have the proper knowledge and education. This method has no value to students since they are not learning but memorizing. Memorizing a text and understanding the book are two different terms. Therefore, the “filling of a vessel” is not known as education.

The “kindling of a flame” describes the thought of Socrates that understanding is the primary term in education. Without it, you cannot call it an education.

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